Pending a residential purchase or refinancing loan application, a lender is required by law to obtain an unbiased appraisal of the property. Homeowners might also retain an appraiser of their own when deciding whether to buy, sell, or finance their home.

When contracted, MRS sends out an appraiser to perform a thorough inspection of the subject property. The appraiser also researches municipal and other records for information on the property and the market area. Recent sales and listings of comparable properties in the area are taken into account as well. This extensive work is done so that independent and impartial conclusions regarding the property value can be reached.

After all the data collection and analysis, the appraiser forms their professional opinion on the value of the property. The final opinion is compiled into a report and presented to the client. At MRS Appraisals, we stake our reputation on every report, dedicated to providing fully accurate and impartial results.

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