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    What a Johnson County Appraiser Might Look for in a Home

    A good Johnson County appraiser is a high-quality professional who can inspect a variety of different elements of your home and ensure that it is up to snuff. While these professionals are not technically the same as a home inspection, they can provide many of the same benefits and ensure that your home is properly valued.

    Understanding their benefits is critical to ensuring great results for your home. And by working with professionals who have your best needs in mind, it is possible to create an incredible house at a reasonable price.

    Your Home’s General Aspects – The Most Important Factor

    When a good Johnson County appraiser comes to your house, they will take the time to examine every element in a way that makes sense for your needs. First of all, they examine the general condition, such as the exterior of the house, any physical elements that may be damaged, signs of neglect, and any other factor that may tie into the quality of your home and make it less appealing.

    As they go through the house and make a comprehensive list, they will also write down positives about the home that they like to balance out the potentially negative list that they are creating. The idea behind this approach is to ensure that their examination is as accurate as possible. Most of the time, this process is something that can be handled in a manner of a few hours without difficulty.

    However, these professionals will also examine the location of the home, its overall age, the exterior of the house, and other factors that may play into its value. For instance, the size of the home is surprisingly impactful in this type of appraisal. Remember, though – an appraisal is not a valuation of a home but just a general examination of how much it is likely to cost if you were to sell it at that moment.

    Home Improvements – Another Factor to Take Into Account

    Another goal of your appraiser is to gauge the values of your home improvements and see what they offer to you and your house. This step is something that you may not fully understand or grasp why it is so important. Failure to understand this factor is a mistake because it is one that can help you avoid common conflicts with your appraisers or other issues when you try to buy or sell a home later.

    The ultimate purpose of their appraisal of your home improvements is to see if they were worth your time or not. Unfortunately, it is often the case that these types of home enhancements don’t do anything to make a house worth more money. Too many people fall into the mistake of thinking that all upgrades will help but this is far from the case. And a Johnson County appraiser can help you see if you’ve made this mistake.

    Pest Problems – A Surprisingly Common Concern

    When you own a certain type of building, there’s a good chance that pests may have invaded it, potentially causing serious issues. This problem is one that occurs to just about every property owner but is something that can be assessed and managed by taking control of the situation as soon as possible. And a good appraiser can help you understand what to expect here.

    Don’t worry too much about this type of inspection – you aren’t going to get a complete inspection on your home because that step would be too much for an average appraisal professional. Instead, they are looking for the common symptoms of pest invasion. These symptoms might include the following:

    • Termite invasion symptoms, such as various types of wood damage
    • Ant holes and other types of evidence of these pests
    • Mouse feces that may be spread throughout a house
    • Exterior home damage that may exist around the roof
    • Potential stains and other issues that may show pest invasions

    By working with a good Johnson County appraiser, you can spot these problems and get a better idea of what you need to do to keep them from affecting you. Remember – you aren’t going to be able to spot every possible pest problem but can get a good concept of what must be done to eliminate these pests. Usually, you’ll need to call a pest control expert after you are done to get the best results here.

    Home Safety – A Critical Element

    Few people understand that a high-quality appraiser will examine their home’s safety to ensure that it is a place that should be sold. Typically, you’re going to have to get this type of inspection if you are getting a VA or an FHA loan, though many loan companies will demand this type of assessment. Typically, a good appraisal will look at a handful of different elements in your home, like:

    • Smoke detectors at every level of the home
    • Fire extinguishers positioned in safe places
    • Safety rails and other guards on dangerous stairs
    • Various types of security systems and other items
    • Problematic areas in your home that may be dangerous

    These steps typically come with most types of appraisals and don’t take too long to handle. A good Johnson county appraiser should take no more than a few hours to handle this step for you. In some cases, they may have multiple workers examining every aspect of a home’s safety in this way. As a result, they typically catch the types of issues that other individuals may miss in your house.

    Don’t Neglect This Service

    If you think that a Johnson County appraiser is the right step for your home or business property and you want to ensure that you get the best results, you need to make sure that you contact a professional you can trust.

    So please reach out to us at MRS Appraisals right away to get the help that you need. Our experts are trained to handle the unique demands of this type of situation and can provide the high-quality help needed to ensure that your home is properly valued and appraised before a sale.


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    When buying our home, we were a little apprehensive about finding an appraiser that we could trust. Man, did we hit the jackpot with MRS Appraisals! They were thorough and easy to work with. Now, we have a home we are proud to call our own. We would definitely recommend MRS!

    Maria Bonin
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    Best appraisal company to work with, very knowledgeable

    Kandi Klein
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    The experts at MRS Appraisals are what made the decision to purchase a new building for my business easy. Their experience and professionalism set my mind at ease, knowing that their appraisal would be honest, non-biased, and detailed. Thank you!

    Jeff Kuennen
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