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    Established in Iowa City in 1993, MRS Appraisals is a locally-owned appraisal business. Our full-time state-certified appraisers offer real estate analysis and reporting on residential and commercial properties, including condominiums, agricultural estates, development grounds, federal housing, and more.


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    When You Might Need Appraisal Services in Johnson County

    High-quality appraisal services may be required in a variety of different situations. Living in Johnson County, there is a myriad of reasons why you might need to ensure that your property is properly valued.

    By working with these professionals when you need them, it is possible to speed up your sale, decrease the cost of a home you are buying, or save yourself money when selling a home, making the monetary investment that they require more than worth it.

    During Most Real Estate Transactions

    The most common time you’re going to contact Johnson appraisal services is when you are buying or selling a home or a piece of property. At these times, a good appraisal will help you get a better feel for the proper value of your property and ensure that you get the best chances of receiving it. Often, these professionals take the time to examine every element of your home before and after a purchase.

    Almost any time you are buying property with a mortgage, you’ll need this type of service. If you are buying with cash – rare but possible – you may not want to get one. However, it is usually a better idea to get an appraisal anyway because these experts will help you better understand the issues relating to your property and take steps to make sure that you don’t pay too much or get paid too little.

    Critically, this type of transaction is one that may help you improve your mortgage application rate by ensuring that the lenders approve of your credit and your overall line. Just as importantly, this process can also help to ensure that your down payment is better handled and also gives homeowners and buyers a better chance of fully understanding the different monetary needs of their business.

    Changes to Your Mortgages or Taxes

    The mortgage on your home or a piece of property will go up and down depending on many different elements. As the interest rates change, your owed money decreases or other steps occur, you may find yourself wanting to get an appraisal. Often, this factor is critical when you are attempting to change or tweak your mortgages or taxes or anticipate that they may change at any time in the future.

    These changes can occur at various times and influence your homeownership in a myriad of ways. For example, you may find that your home is worth more than anticipated, which may change your mortgage. Or if you have a better credit rate and you want to refinance your mortgage, you may need Johnson appraisal services to ensure that you don’t pay more than you should for this process.

    Similarly, it is important to understand why an appraisal may be necessary if your real estate taxes change. Typically, this situation occurs when you believe you are being charged too much and you want to cut back on your investment. Often, a good appraisal can give you an idea of what is happening and why you are paying so much and get you a cheaper rate – it may also do the opposite, so be careful.

    Times When You May Not Expect to Need an Appraiser

    There are many times when you probably don’t think that you need Johnson appraisal services. This confusion is often centered around the various benefits that these professionals provide and other types of experiences that they may also help you with as professionals. Just a few different times that you might want to get help from these professionals include the following scenarios:

    • Eminent Domain – When the government takes your property due to eminent domain situations – i.e. when it is in the best interest of the public to do so – an appraisal professional can give you and these experts a better understanding of the value of your home to avoid serious issues.
    • Pest Control Scenarios – When you’re getting treatment for pest control, a good appraisal is often a good idea. This helps to give you an idea of what kind of money you need to spend on this process and also ensures that you take care of these pests with minimum fuss and difficulty on your end.
    • Property Damage – If your home suddenly experiences a broad range of property damage problems, a good assessment can check into the issue and ensure that you don’t end up having to pay for expensive repairs or other processes that may not be suitable for the needs of your home or business.

    If you experience any of these situations and need help from a professional appraisal expert, it is wise to reach out to one right away instead of waiting. Doing so gives you the best chance of avoiding serious complications and also makes it easier for you to handle problems like the value of your property and other concerns that you may not otherwise understand without their expert help.

    Learning More

    If you are in need of high-quality appraisal services for your Johnson County property and you aren’t sure where to turn, it is a wise decision to reach out to a professional who can help you.

    So please don’t hesitate to contact us today at MRS Appraisals to learn more about how we can help. Our professionals have years of experience providing this type of service and will do what it takes to make you happy, including working directly with you and others to ensure a higher-quality level of protection.


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    When buying our home, we were a little apprehensive about finding an appraiser that we could trust. Man, did we hit the jackpot with MRS Appraisals! They were thorough and easy to work with. Now, we have a home we are proud to call our own. We would definitely recommend MRS!

    Maria Bonin
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    Best appraisal company to work with, very knowledgeable

    Kandi Klein
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    The experts at MRS Appraisals are what made the decision to purchase a new building for my business easy. Their experience and professionalism set my mind at ease, knowing that their appraisal would be honest, non-biased, and detailed. Thank you!

    Jeff Kuennen
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