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    Established in Iowa City in 1993, MRS Appraisals is a locally-owned appraisal business. Our full-time state-certified appraisers offer real estate analysis and reporting on residential and commercial properties, including condominiums, agricultural estates, development grounds, federal housing, and more.


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    Why You Need to Hire Iowa City Appraisers for Your Property Sales

    Buying and selling property of many different types is a great way to make a lot of money, as long as you know what you are doing. Unfortunately, too many people don’t quite understand this process and allow themselves to make serious mistakes that impact the value of their property.

    Thankfully, skilled Iowa City appraisers can avoid this problem and provide many other benefits. Fully understanding all of these will make it easier for you to sell your property at the value that you want and deserve.

    Avoid Loan Confusion

    When you’re trying to sell your property and buyers are attempting to get loans, it is a great idea to find Iowa City appraisers who can help you identify the best possible loan rates. It’s not that these professionals are skilled at finding the best rate, per se: that is not their job. Instead, they are trained to handle the unique demands that come upon valuing a piece of property or a home for you.

    First of all, they’ll take a look at various elements of your property, such as the overall design, the size, and any issues with the property that you may notice. Then, these experts will take the time to figure out how any problems impact your expected value from your purchase, such as poor access to various types of property elements limiting how easily your property can be built on with a new home.

    In this way, your sale is not only smoother but set at a price that is fair for the buyer and you. Make sure that you call these appraisers long before you ever start the sale process. Most professionals need at least two or three days to fully assess a piece of property: some may even need longer. This extra waiting time is worth it, though, as you’ll be ensured of a great sale at prices that work for everyone.

    Prevent Disputes

    High-quality Iowa City appraisers are also experts at figuring out many types of disputes that may occur when you try to sell a piece of property. Remember – you are often on your own here but these experts can help you out if you feel like any issues are impacting your overall sales. By hiring these experts you cut back on the potential risk of running into these disputes. Just a few problems that they can help you avoid include the following common problems:

    • Sale Price Issues – If your buyer believes that your price is too high and doesn’t want to pay it, they are going to try to haggle you down. This type of scenario is not uncommon in real estate but can be very frustrating if you’re trying to get a specific price and can’t compromise on what you offer.
    • Property Line Concerns – One of the most frustrating aspects of trying to sell a piece of property is disputes over your borderlines. Sometimes, surveyors make mistakes that cause your lines to be inaccurate or cause disputes. Thankfully, high-quality appraisers can help you with this problem.
    • Upgrade Fights – Many home buyers expect that the owner will make various upgrades to the property to make it more sellable. However, an appraiser can help you understand what kind of upgrades you owe to the buyer and prevent you from spending more money than is necessary for your needs.
    • Other Miscellaneous Problems – Appraisers can also help you if you’re fighting over real estate problems caused by a divorce, concerns after a person passes away, foreclosures on a property that you own, or other types of problems that often pop up in the real estate world without a warning.

    The best way to avoid these issues is to contact an appraiser long before they occur. By getting someone on your side to protect your rights, you can ensure that you don’t run into any conflicts that don’t go your way. You can also ensure that the buyer feels confident in you because you’ll have hired a secondary person who takes no sides: appraisers are trained to be neutral in all of their dealings.

    Help With Home Improvements

    Lastly, Iowa City appraisers are a great option when you’re selling a house and you know that it needs a lot of improvements to be worth the deal. These professionals will walk through the home with you, identify possible issues, focus on the good parts of the house as well, and help you create a plan for improving your home that will make it sell more quickly and effectively on the market of your choice.

    For instance, they can help you find issues with the exterior of your home (such as worn-down siding, lighting problems, and other concerns that may develop over time). They can then help you figure out a way of improving these problems, such as scheduling a professional to add new siding or paint to your home or someone to add new carpets throughout the interior of the house.

    Just as importantly, these experts can also help you find upgrades that will make your home worth more by focusing on the most important types. Remember – some home improvements won’t add as much value to your sale as others. These appraisal experts will find those that make the most sense for your specific home needs and create the kind of sale price that makes the most of your real estate needs.

    Help is Available

    If you believe that Iowa City appraisers are the professionals that you need to make your property sell faster, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at MRS Appraisals to learn more about how we can help.

    Our experts will take the time to fully understand the various upgrades and updates needed to make your property and your home an easier sell. We’ll then work with you to help execute these updates, doing what we can to ensure that your property sells at a value that makes the most sense for you.


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    When buying our home, we were a little apprehensive about finding an appraiser that we could trust. Man, did we hit the jackpot with MRS Appraisals! They were thorough and easy to work with. Now, we have a home we are proud to call our own. We would definitely recommend MRS!

    Maria Bonin
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    Best appraisal company to work with, very knowledgeable

    Kandi Klein
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    The experts at MRS Appraisals are what made the decision to purchase a new building for my business easy. Their experience and professionalism set my mind at ease, knowing that their appraisal would be honest, non-biased, and detailed. Thank you!

    Jeff Kuennen
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